Friday, February 11, 2011

Where does your guild fit in?

Earlier today Blizzard released a new poll asking a seemingly simple question:
"What kind of guild do you belong to?
  • I'm in a friends-and-family guild. We all know each other and can just be ourselves.
  • We’re a progression guild that focuses on raiding. We’re coming for you, Deathwing!
  • I’m competitive, so I found a PvP guild. It’s all about the honor.
  • Role-play is where it’s at for me. My guild is supportive of it and has a great culture going.
  • I’m in a large leveling guild. It seemed like a great place to start and there are always plenty of people around to do things with.
  • I’m in a PvP/RP guild. Like the Time-Lost Proto-Drake, we're rare but we DO exist.
  • We’re an old guild that has existed for many years. We defy definition.
  • Currently looking for a guild, /w me!
  • I’m not part of a guild. I just haven’t found one that fits me.
  • I’m not part of a guild. I have no interest in them.
  • None of the above. (I’ll write it in.)"
Since the poll only lets you pick one option it poses an interesting question. If you honestly answer the question how easy is it for you to pick just one? For me it's not so clear.

When talking in terms of how I picture the guild I'm in, Shenanigans Inc, I immediately think of the first option. Friends (not family) that know each other very well and enjoy each others company. However the guild is really there for a different reason as well, sure playing with friends and having fun is highest up, but we are a progression guild that focuses on raiding. We're starting to push heroic modes now. Can't we be both? Is it even possible?

I'm not assuming or even suggesting Blizzard thinks these two things can't coexist, but it certainly got me thinking. A group of friends that enjoy each others company, but as individuals really push themselves and expect nothing less from the others they consider friends. That's what Shenanigans Inc is. We're both the first choice and the second. Where is that option?

Honestly I don't even care about the poll, it's not HUGE news anyways, especially with the 4.0.6 fiasco(s). I just think there is something to be said about the balancing act between pushing progression ideals and pushing "friends-and-family" ideals in a guild. I'm not so sure it's easy to balance them and maybe something has to be put in front of the other? I need to put more thought into it. I guess it all comes down to what you consider the Guild of your Dreams, what do you think?

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