Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Could it be?!?

This hasn't, so far, been posted to MMO-Champion's front page yet so I'm not just repeating information! Apparently Blizzard is considering reworking Savage Defense a bit so it will absorb damage until a certain amount rather than just breaking as soon as you take any damage.
For Savage Defense the change we're thinking about would probably be instead of reducing the next physical attack for X damage, it would instead absorb X damage for some duration. Big single target hits would probably drop the shield either way, but all the dinkier hits from pack pulls would be mitigated rather well. It's probably something you'll see fleshed out on the PTR.    - Bashiok, Community Manager
In other words - right now if you proc Savage Defense and you get hit for 1 damage or 50,000 damage the shield gets used up. It might completely absorb the damage or it might mitigate the hit and absorb some portion of the damage (depends on your attack power and mastery rating).

What the devs are considering is changing Savage Defense so that it works similar to a Priest's Power Word: Shield. If you proc Savage Defense it absorbs X amount of damage, even if it's multiple hits!

Two things:
  1. Easier add/trash tanking!
  2. Yay for soloing old content!

Also, it's safe to ignore my previous recruitment post, Shenanigans Inc found a new Warlock that we are extremely happy with and we are now continuing our push into heroic content. I also went ahead and assembled a new computer (possible future post) so I'm making a promise to myself to record our heroic kills. Halfus, Chimaeron, Maloriak and Atramedes will not be first kills, but I'm still going to record them. Next up will be Magmaw and Conclave!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

<Shenanigans Inc> is recruiting a Warlock or Hunter

I've talked about my guild a couple of times here on the blog, and we've recently had a member step down from raiding for personal reasons. This has opened up our recruitment for the first time since the guild was created at the start of Cataclysm.

We (the founders) got extremely lucky when we first started to put together the guild because we took on a few members that were just absolutely fantastic additions and just all around superb raiders. We now hope to get lucky once more and find a permanent (this is not for the bench) top-notch Warlock or Hunter to raid with us.

We are currently 3/13 Heroic 10M and are pushing progression on heroic Conclave, Magmaw, and Atramedes!

Here is the recruitment verbiage from our post on the Official WoW Forums:
Shenanigans Inc is a ten man raiding guild forming on US-Mal’Ganis (CST). We reject the traditional assumption that “fun” and “progress” are mutually exclusive, and intend to push the limits of both. We believe that accountability and open communication are the keys to success and longevity, and leaven this with a healthy dose of tact and respect. Our goal is to progress rapidly and gracefully through content, and constantly reaffirm the fun we have playing this game. Fun isn't just defined by killing dragons; guild chemistry includes a lot of laughs, and plenty of crude humor. Bring your raid face, but make sure your skin is thick (not just from hot pockets). We are looking for raiders interested in becoming shareholders in this venture.

Our members have extensive raiding experience from Vanilla onwards, including Light of Dawn, Insanity, Glory of the Ulduar Raider, Hand of A’dal and fully intend on pushing forward into Cataclysm to extend our raiding resumes.

The guild will operate under the assumption that each of our members is equally vested in the groups success. We will require exacting self and peer evaluations on performance, and expect every raider to be involved in pre-raid strategy and post-raid assessments.

Official raid times are Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 8-11 ST (CST), but we can and do add and extend our raid nights for new content or to ensure a kill. We have an energetic community of alts and friends, and an active forum outside of the game.

We are looking for raiders who share our commitment to progress and a healthy guild home. As a trial, you would have all of the same responsibilities as our vested raiders, and a successful trial period would be dependent on the dedication you bring to our vision for the guild.

Classes :
We are specifically looking for the following classes, but exceptional applicants of other classes will be considered. Being well-versed in off-specs is expected and necessary.

1 Hunter OR Warlock
*Note - We are NOT recruiting for the bench. This is for an immediate and permanent spot in the raid.

If this is a guild you are interested in, please visit our website, http://shenanigans-guild.net. In such a small group, personality is just as important as skill and we will not compromise our standards on either point. You can fill out an application on our forums, or contact any one of our members in game. We do not recruit for the bench or back up positions. If you are interested in the vision of Shenanigans Inc, you may apply as a non-raiding member.

Who to contact:
If you are at all interested or would like more information visit our website HERE (take a moment to view our Recruitment page, Guild Charter, or top ranked WoL and of course our awesome banner! Contact me or any other guild member in game as well if you have any specific questions!

Monday, March 7, 2011

The quiet death of hit rating..?

There is a lot of information coming out from various sources about the 4.1 patch. Lots of things I'd like to touch on, but for the moment I want to focus on something that I missed on my first skim of the notes.
"Classes: General
  • All non-damaging interrupts off the global cooldown will now always hit the target. This includes Pummel, Shield Bash, Kick, Mind Freeze, Rebuke, Skull Bash, Counterspell, Wind Shear, Solar Beam, Silencing Shot, and related player pet abilities."
Making the case for Hit Rating, kind of

Recently my guild, Shenanigans Inc, downed Heroic Maloriak. During one of our better attempts something happened that was embarrassing and completely preventable. I was in charge of interrupting Arcane Storm and of course the inevitable happened - one of my interrupts missed! So far in Cataclysm I've had relatively good luck with interrupts on my non-hit capped Bear, not so much a few nights ago when I caused this unnecessary wipe. I immediately apologized and reforged a couple of pieces of gear to gain about 1.5% hit rating, putting me above 8%.

Ignoring Hit Rating

Why wasn't I already hit capped? Well hit rating is practically useless past a certain small percent for raiding. Yeah...unless of course you are in charge of interrupting a crucial ability. Sacrificing a fairly large amount of avoidance for a stat that simply increases your threat (and a bit of uptime on Savage Defense) just doesn't seem worth it in the thick of things. When Vengeance gets stacked up a bit and your Mangles are hitting for over 30k threat generation really starts to drop in priority. So I've mostly ignored hit rating (and expertise).

With non-damaging interrupts (aka. Skull Bash) always hitting come 4.1 I'll literally have no use for hit rating except for the first 30 seconds of any given fight. To me it seems with this change Blizzard is really making Hit Rating an option (and a poor option at that) not a requirement. Of course I don't advise running around doing heroic raiding with 0.00% hit, but I'll be dropping the 50 hit enchant from my boots, and reforging most of my hit to Dodge Rating after 4.1 hits live servers.

Problems with ignoring hit

The one big issue with ignoring hit rating is when you are assigned to some form of add tanking in a given encounter. Which is why it's always good to have around a few pieces of gear that can significantly boost your hit rating. For example, pre-4.1 I'm using Fluid Death in one of my trinket slots for a huge hit boost, post-4.1 though you can be sure I'll be going back to either Symbiotic Worm or Lifebound Alchemist Stone paired up with Vial of Stolen Memories.

Honestly if you have a tank in raid that is hit capped and is better at AoE tanking to begin with consider leaving it to them, honestly it's just playing to each others strength, ego need not get involved.

Can't wait for 4.1

Good riddance hit...it was fun while it lasted. Needing hit for taunt (removed chance to miss in 4.0.1), needing hit for threat (end of any tier/expansion when DPS scale up drastically, hello Vengeance), needing hit for interrupts (changing in 4.1), you put up a good fight but you're dead to me. =]

Friday, March 4, 2011

3/13 heroic 10m..

There hasn't been much to talk about. It's not very useful to mirror fan-sites like MMO-Champion and the like. I share a lot of the same opinions about the changes to Feral druids (especially tanking) as most other bloggers in the sphere (aka, Yay for three second Swipe).

Wish this title was permanent!

One thing I'm especially proud of and want to mention is Shenanigans Inc killed Maloriak last night on heroic! I really have to commend Blizzard on the tuning of the heroics so far this expansion. We've killed three of thirteen bosses on heroic and each encounter really felt extremely challenging and that is NEVER a bad thing. Plenty more kills to come!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Where does your guild fit in?

Earlier today Blizzard released a new poll asking a seemingly simple question:
"What kind of guild do you belong to?
  • I'm in a friends-and-family guild. We all know each other and can just be ourselves.
  • We’re a progression guild that focuses on raiding. We’re coming for you, Deathwing!
  • I’m competitive, so I found a PvP guild. It’s all about the honor.
  • Role-play is where it’s at for me. My guild is supportive of it and has a great culture going.
  • I’m in a large leveling guild. It seemed like a great place to start and there are always plenty of people around to do things with.
  • I’m in a PvP/RP guild. Like the Time-Lost Proto-Drake, we're rare but we DO exist.
  • We’re an old guild that has existed for many years. We defy definition.
  • Currently looking for a guild, /w me!
  • I’m not part of a guild. I just haven’t found one that fits me.
  • I’m not part of a guild. I have no interest in them.
  • None of the above. (I’ll write it in.)"
Since the poll only lets you pick one option it poses an interesting question. If you honestly answer the question how easy is it for you to pick just one? For me it's not so clear.

When talking in terms of how I picture the guild I'm in, Shenanigans Inc, I immediately think of the first option. Friends (not family) that know each other very well and enjoy each others company. However the guild is really there for a different reason as well, sure playing with friends and having fun is highest up, but we are a progression guild that focuses on raiding. We're starting to push heroic modes now. Can't we be both? Is it even possible?

I'm not assuming or even suggesting Blizzard thinks these two things can't coexist, but it certainly got me thinking. A group of friends that enjoy each others company, but as individuals really push themselves and expect nothing less from the others they consider friends. That's what Shenanigans Inc is. We're both the first choice and the second. Where is that option?

Honestly I don't even care about the poll, it's not HUGE news anyways, especially with the 4.0.6 fiasco(s). I just think there is something to be said about the balancing act between pushing progression ideals and pushing "friends-and-family" ideals in a guild. I'm not so sure it's easy to balance them and maybe something has to be put in front of the other? I need to put more thought into it. I guess it all comes down to what you consider the Guild of your Dreams, what do you think?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tracking Pulverize / Lacerate with Power Auras Classic

I've been meaning to put up a post for quite a while now showing how I'm currently using Power Auras Classic to track Pulverize and Lacerate. I finally remembered last night to take some screen shots for a post, so better late then never I suppose.

Complicated Addons are complicated. Power Auras Classic is exactly like other complicated addons in that there are so many options and so much customization it can be overwhelming and down right unfriendly at first. However again just like other complicated addons, once you are comfortable with Power Auras Classic you'll start to realize it's not all that complicated and can be incredibly powerful.

(I'm already tired of typing out Power Auras Classic, so "Powa" for now on.)

Why Use an Addon?

There are a number of important reasons to track Pulverize and Lacerate as a bear. You want the highest possible up-time for both obviously, so what it comes down to is making sure you let Pulverize tick down (don't refresh too early, unless there is an intuitive reason [like you are about to change mobs]) and have a 3-stack of Lacerate ready when Pulverize gets down to a second or two from expiring. Being that one is a buff (Pulverize) and the other is a debuff (Lacerate) it's going to be difficult (at the very least annoying) to track both by default.

Which Addon?

Power Auras Classic. There is a relatively informative Wiki for the addon, so I won't spend any time explaining much about it. Suffice it to say the addon can show symbols, artwork, spells, etc. on the screen based on triggers. The triggers are typically when you have a buff/debuff, or the mob you are targeting has a buff/debuff, etc.

In Action

This is how I have Powa set up - I went for convenience and proximity to my character where my eyes tend to be the most. If you look closely enough you can see that the Pulverize icon shows the time remaining and the Lacerate icon (hard to see) shows the stacks and time remaining. (Click to enlarge)

Yay - Boomkin practicing on the dummy behind me!
Setting up Powa
There are a couple different screens that you'll want to set up to get Powa running the way you want. The first screen is found by clicking on Interface from the Game Menu and then clicking the "Addons" tab. Powa should be listed here if it's installed and enabled at the character log-in screen.

There really isn't much to set on this screen, or at least it's beyond this post. The important thing is the "Show Aura Browser" button (also available from the console by typing "/powa"). This is where Powa has all of your "auras" stored. Each aura represents a symbol on the screen and the trigger that makes the symbol appear.

UPDATE: Per Anon in the comments here is the text that you can use with the "Import Set" button. Just copy the text exactly as it is below go into wow, click the "Import Set" button and paste this text into the text box:
Set=Page 1@
Aura[1]=Version:4.9; icon:Ability_Smash; buffname:Pulverize; x:-75; alpha:1; owntex:true; combat:true; size:0.23; y:23; timer.b:0.1961; timer.enabled:true; timer.r:0.9922; timer.Relative:CENTER; timer.UseOwnColor:true@
Aura[2]=Version:4.9; target:true; icon:Ability_Druid_Lacerate; buffname:Lacerate; x:-75; bufftype:2; alpha:1; owntex:true; mine:true; size:0.23; y:-37; timer.b:0.0196; timer.g:0.9647; timer.enabled:true; timer.Relative:CENTER; timer.y:-17; timer.UseOwnColor:true; stacks.enabled:true; stacks.b:0.0314; stacks.g:0.9804; stacks.y:11; stacks.Relative:CENTER; stacks.UpdatePing:true; stacks.UseOwnColor:true@

I only have two auras set up in Powa, the first is the aura for Pulverize and the second is for Lacerate. Creating a new one is simple - just click the "New" button.

Pulverize Configuration
Set up the window exactly as I have and when you put up Pulverize you should see the icon on your screen similar to the screen shot I showed above. The important thing to note is you will may need to adjust the "Position X" and "Position Y". Feel free to mess around with the other options as well. The most important thing is the bottom half of the window, ensure "Use own Texture" is checked and you type the name of the spell correctly. In order for the icon to show the time remaining, you'll also want to enable the options on the "Timer" tab in the bottom half of the window.

Lacerate Configuration
The only difference between Lacerate and Pulverize is the bottom half of the screen, you'll need to click the "Stacks" tab and configure that appropriately to show the number of stacks you have up. It's very self explanatory and admittedly I forgot to take a screen shot of that tab. I'll modify this post later to include the screen shot, but honestly it's probably not necessary to show.

Final Thoughts
I'm not getting the most I can out of Powa. There are an infinite number of things that you can track with Powa, even specific boss abilities which is the one thing I think could be the most advantageous. For now though I'm happy with Pulverize and Lacerate tracking.

If you are - how are you using Powa, are you using something else entirely to track Pulverize/Lacerate?

Friday, January 21, 2011

Feral talent builds (4.0.6)

This post might not be as pretty as it could be, but I want to relay as much information as efficiently as possible.

I've divided this post into three sections. First is Bear spec, second is Cat spec, and third is hybrid (Bear/Cat, Cat/Bear) spec(s).

As a precursor so I don't have to keep mentioning it later on:

Brutal Impact is really nice to have in 10m, there are times when you simply don't have another interrupter readily available to help interrupt or for some other reason it's just easier if you are interrupting which is impossible without this talent.

Fury Swipes, Stampede, and possibly Feral Aggression are all talents that vary by preference. I would never have a build without Feral Aggression (more on this down below), Fury Swipes is really nice for threat/rage generation (but doesn't proc Savage Defense), and Stampede is situational at best.

Part 1: Bear Build
The only option for a full Bear build is the points between Fury Swipes, Feral Aggression, and Stampede. Personally I max everything except Fury Swipes. Even doing this you still have 2 spare points and they fit nicely into Fury Swipes (no other option).

Feral Aggression is extremely important as hit is not that valuable for tanking currently. If you are low on hit you might see abilities miss and miss often. It's best that when your Faerie Fire (Feral) does hit, it immediately stacks up to three. And also, like I said, you don't really have any other obvious choice for the points..


Prime - Berserk, Lacerate, Mangle
Major - Frenzied Regeneration, Maul, Rebirth (optional), Feral Charge (optional), Faerie Fire (optional)
Minor - Challenging Roar, Unburdened Rebirth, Dash (all minor glyphs are preferences)

Part 2: Cat Build
I don't have much to say about the Cat build other than you have plenty of points to get everything that is a DPS increase. You end up with one extra point if you take every DPS increase and I throw it in Nurturing Instinct as it's probably the most useful if you use Tranquility and because it makes your healers stronger when they need to heal you.


Prime - Rip, Shred, Tiger's Fury, Savage Roar (I believe Tiger's Fury is better than Savage Roar, check EJ Forums for more info though)
Major - Rebirth, Entangling Roots, Feral Charge, Ferocious Bite, Faerie Fire
Minor - Dash, Unburdened Rebirth, Aquatic Form (all minor glyphs are preferences)

Part 3: Hybrid Builds
I've always hoped that Blizzard would eventually offer tri-spec, what...a Druid can dream can't he/she? Given that isn't going to happen anytime soon or at all, it's sometimes necessary to delve into the realm of hybrid talent builds. The nice thing for me is I hardly ever DPS on my Druid so I can lean a bit heavier onto the Bear side.

There are two different mentalities one might want to use when designing a Feral hybrid spec and they can most easily be described as these:
  1. Bear/Cat - Pick up everything you need to be an effective Tank, sacrifice some DPS
  2. Cat/Bear - Pick up everything you need to be an effective DPS, sacrifice some Tank talents
Pretty obvious. For me I easily fall into the first camp. I need to be the best Bear I can be for progression and because I rarely DPS, for others maybe it's different. So first lets focus in on Bear/Cat and build a spec around that mentality.

Bear / Cat
For this spec we want to complete our Bear talents to be the most effective tank we can possibly be and then pick up as many Cat talents so we can effectively DPS.

The cat talents that you have to sacrifice to be the best Bear you can be are Predatory Strikes (not a huge DPS increase), Blood in the Water (unfortunate, but you need the points to mitigate spell damage), and Stampede (situational DPS increase). You also only have the option for one spare point after getting everything you need for Bear, so I suggest throwing that point into either Fury Swipes or Stampede.


For hybrid specs you can always min/max depending on what you are doing in a given encounter. The only cost is the 10 gold for Dust of Disappearance. Overall I'm suggesting glyphs that will be the best of both worlds, but ideally you would change them to be appropriate on a per encounter basis.

Prime - Rip, Shred, Mangle (Lacerate, Tiger's Fury, Berserk are all suitable based on role)
Major - Frenzied Regeneration, Maul, Rebirth (nothing really important for Cat)
Minor - Challenging Roar, Unburdened Rebirth, Dash (all minor glyphs are preferences)

Cat / Bear
For this spec we want to complete our Cat talents to be the most effective DPS we can, but at the same time we need to have all of the essential Bear talents so we are a logical choice and not a risk to the raid when tanking.

The only difference between this build and the Bear / Cat build above is you can free up some points from Perseverance and put them in Blood in the Water and Fury Swipes.


For hybrid specs you can always min/max depending on what you are doing in a given encounter. The only cost is the 10 gold for Dust of Disappearance. Overall I'm suggesting glyphs that will be the best of both worlds, but ideally you would change them to be appropriate on a per encounter basis.

Prime - Rip, Shred, Mangle (Lacerate, Tiger's Fury, Berserk are all suitable based on role)
Major - Frenzied Regeneration, Maul, Rebirth (nothing really important for Cat)
Minor - Challenging Roar, Unburdened Rebirth, Dash (all minor glyphs are preferences)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Update on (WotLK) Armor Trinkets

Just a quick post during the weekend:

"Lich King trinkets with bonus armor values have been adjusted using the new Cataclysm formula, reducing their armor values substantially."

I've updated the BiS Gear List to reflect this change.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Cataclysm Bear Rotation

I'm not really sure why I hadn't put this post up earlier in the expansion as I'm sure it would have been quite useful. Better late then never I suppose, so if you are curious about the optimal bear rotation to maintain max TPS (Threat/sec) look no further!

Abilities used in standard tanking rotation(s)

Faerie Fire (Feral)
Demoralizing Roar

How do you come up with a "standard" rotation?
There are a couple things that you should consider in order to determine what your highest DPS and TPS rotation is. Sometimes they aren't the same! Regardless, once again I turn to Rawr for some numbers. When properly configured Rawr is an excellent tool for all sorts of information. Earlier this week I showed first How to set up rawr as a Bear tank and then I showed how to use the RSVs that Rawr gives you in conjunction with Wowhead to produce an extensive and trustworthy BiS gear list.

In this post I'll focus on the last section of the "Stats" tab in Rawr. Once everything is configured correctly and you've looked over your gear to ensure it's the correct pieces with the correct enchants/gems/etc. Have a look at the last section labeled "Threat Stats" (you might need to scroll down in the "Stats" tab to see it):

Don't follow these numbers blindly!
There is a LOT of information here and don't forget about mouse-overs as they are fairly helpful in this section of Rawr. For example when I highlight over the numbers to the right of "Melee:" Rawr tells me this:
Per Hit: 5,880 damage, 17, 640 threat
Per Swing: 5,951 damage, 17,854 threat
Per Second: 2,837 damage, 8,512 threat
Fury Swipes Hit: 18,228, 54, 684 threat
Fury Swipes Swing: 18,782 damage, 56,346 threat
Total: 3,651 dps, 10,954 tps
All of that information on just one mouse-over is excellent. Based on the information listed in this pane you can clearly see which abilities offer up the most threat and you are well on your way to determining a tanking rotation.

Rawr's max TPS rotation
When I mouse over the numbers to the right of "Highest TPS Rotation:" Rawr tells me what is considered the highest threat rotation (which also happens to be the highest DPS rotation). Let me copy it word for word here and then in the next section I'll spell it out a bit more:
  1. Mangle if off cooldown
  2. Lacerate if no Lacerate stacks
  3. Demoralizing Roar if not up
  4. Thrash if off cooldown
  5. Lacerate if less than three Lacerate stacks
  6. Pulverize if three Lacerate stacks and no Pulverize buff
  7. Faerie Fire (Feral) if off cooldown
  8. Lacerate
Standard "Rotation" Priorities
As you might have guessed Feral Bears don't necessarily have a set rotation when it comes to maximizing threat and damage. Think of this as a list starting with the very most important thing (high priority) to the least important thing (low priority).
  1. Mangle / Mangle from Berserk Procs
  2. At least 1 stack of Lacerate
  3. Keep Demoralizing Roar on target
  4. Trash
  5. A max (3) stack of Lacerate
  6. A max stack Pulverize (if Pulverize is not up)
  7. Keep Faerie Fire on target (use if low rage)
  8. Maul (if you have the spare rage)
AoE Priorities
AoE is very different compared to single target and depends on a number of things. The important thing to realize is that you should be using Swipe and Thrash on cooldown, keeping Demoralizing Roar up at all times on as many targets as possible, and tab targetting to get as many Lacerates as you can going to proc Berserk.
  1. Time Swipe to hit the maximum number of targets
  2. Time Thrash to hit the maximum number of targets
  3. Demoralizing Roar
  4. Mangle main target
  5. Lacerate main target
  6. Tab target other mobs in melee range and apply Lacerates (even without Mangle if necessary)
  7. Use Berserk proc'd Mangles on targets that you are losing threat on
  8. Maul every cooldown (rage permitting)
Final Thoughts
Hit and Expertise go a long way in helping to stick to the above priorities, but the important thing to realize is after about 15-20 seconds into a given encounter your threat should be pulling away (above) anyone else in raid. With the way that Vengeance works currently there really is NO reason to worry about Hit/Expertise.

As a general rule of thumb I'd say shoot for the dodge cap for Expertise (5.00%) and enough hit so you aren't running around with zero or something crazy like that. That's really the best advice I can give, unless you are tasked with interrupting a crucial ability (in 10m maybe, should never be the case in 25m) you really don't have to worry about hit.

Any questions/concerns/etc please feel free to comment! I'm always looking for feedback and what other people find helpful and not so helpful.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rawr: Using Rawr/Wowhead to create a BiS list (Part 2)

This is the second part of a two post series. The first part talked about how to configure Rawr for a Bear in a raiding environment and finished with a section talking about RSVs (Relative Stat Values). In this post I hope to outline some gear that one might consider "Best-in-slot".

First I want to qualify what exactly "Best-in-slot" actually means and how a BiS list should be used. When someone gives you a list of the best possible gear you can use in each slot it's important to read the list as a whole not as individual slots. It's also important to understand that MY list is heavily influenced by the requirements to do heroic mode tier-11 raids. One of the things I find interesting about the list is that other than possibly jewelery slots, most of the gear should be used regardless of what type of progression you are working on. And like I said yesterday when talking about heroic vs. non-heroic gear the obvious answer is if you do NOT have access to heroic gear consider the non-heroic version in it's place in most if not all cases.

I've limited the list to only a few items as it can be quite lengthly. I've also made an effort to include PvP gear (to make a point) and exclude any gear Pre-Cataclysm gear but there may be some exceptions. Blah blah blah, here's the list:

Item [Heroic/Normal] (Source) Score
* - What I have currently equipped

Helm (Link)
Stormrider's Headpiece [Heroic] (Tier-11 heroic token) 479.56
Membrane of C'Thun [Heroic] (Cho'gall) 478.26
Vicious Gladiator's Dragonhide Helm (PvP) 450.96
Tsanga's Helm [Normal] (Bastion Zone Drop) 445.83
Stormrider's Headpiece [Normal] (Nefarian tier-11 token) 439.50
Membrane of C'Thun [Normal] (Cho'gall) 438.21
* Agile Bio-Optic Killshades [Normal] (Engineering Only) 420.67

The heroic pieces are significantly better than anything else which is obvious given both items drop from end bosses of this tier. The PvP helm (as you'll see through most of this list) outpaces a lot of raid drops when survivability is weighed so heavily. My suggestion for tier slots is ensure you have 4 pieces for heroic bosses as the 4-set bonus is really nice for dealing with the insane amount of damage you can expect.

Neck (Link)
Necklace of Strife [Heroic] (Valiona) 119.47
* Vicious Gladiator's Necklace of Prowess/Proficiency (PvP) 107.91/106.38
Ironstar Amulet [Heroic] (Atramedes) 106.19
Caelestrasz's Will [Heroic] (Lady Sinestra?) 105.95
Necklace of Strife [Normal] (Valiona) 105.87

The PvP items are tough to beat in this slot (especially the one with Mastery). Caelestrasz's Will probably drops from Lady Sinestra being that it's 7 iLvls above anything else on the list.

Shoulder (Link)
Poison Protocol Pauldrons [Heroic] (Omnitron Defense System) 418.07
Stormrider's Spaulders [Heroic] (Tier-11 heroic token) 411.08
Vicious Gladiator's Dragonhide Spaulders (PvP) 388.73
Poison Protocol Pauldrons [Normal] (Omnitron Defense System) 384.45
Stormrider's Spaulders [Normal] (Cho'gall tier-11 token) 378.34

There isn't a ton of variety/options for shoulders. You have Omnitron on heroic or normal, PvP, or tier-11 set. The Poison Protocol Pauldrons have great itemization.

Back (Link)
Cloak of Biting Chill [Heroic] (Maloriak) 248.60
Vicious Gladiator's Cape of Prowess/Cruelty (PvP) 230.19/227.69
*Cloak of Biting Chill  [Normal] (Maloriak) 225.97
Ironstar's Impenetrable Cover [Heroic] (Zone Drop - BWD) 225.40
Vicious Gladiator's Cloak of Conquest (PvP) 224.68
Dory's Finery (Trash Drop - Heroics) 220.75
Viewless Wings (Valor Points) 220.75
Gray Hair Cloak (Valor Points) 217.30
Zom's Electrostatic Cloak (World Drop) 217.30
Wrap of the Great Turtle (Mount Hyjal faction reputation Exalted) 213.30

Was pointed out by Anon that I forgot to include the Back slot. I have no idea how I missed it, thanks! I've included quite a few options to show where the commonly acquired ones (Wrap of the Great Turtle, Dory's Finery [if you have a deep pocket]) rank as well as the Valor Point options. Heroic Biting Chill is significantly better than any other options currently.

Chest (Link)
Sark of the Unwatched [Heroic] (Atramedes) 556.54
Stormrider's Raiment [Heroic] (Tier-11 heroic token) 547.38
Vicious Gladiator's Dragonhide Robes (PvP) 516.88
Assassin's Chestplate [Normal] (Leatherworking BoE) 513.10
Morrie's Waywalker Wrap [Normal] (Random Trash Drop) 511.57
* Sark of the Unwatched [Normal] (Atramedes) 511.57
Stormrider's Raiment [Normal] (Valor Points) 503.62

Assassin's Chestplate will be getting a socket added in 4.0.6 which will raise it's score above the PvP robe which is really nice. If you need hit rating because of Skull Bash this wouldn't be a terrible place to pick up a ton of it, crafting it isn't terribly expesnive and you'll mostly be paying for the Orbs/Pristine Hide.

Wrist (Link)
Parasitic Bands [Heroic] (Magmaw/Chimaeron?) 274.19
Vicious Gladiator's Armwraps of Triumph-Mastery (PvP) 251.70
Parasitic Bands [Normal] (Magmaw/Chimaeron?) 251.45
Vicious Gladiator's Armwraps of Triumph-Crit/Expertise/* Hit/Haste (PvP) 250.18/250.17/248.37/247.21

So many flavors of the PvP wrists, I went with the hit ones for a threat/reliability boost. The heroic Parasitic Bands are much better than anything else available. The Hit and Haste PvP bracers are actually called Accuracy and Alacrity respectively.

Hands (Link)
Double Attack Handguards [Heroic] (Chimaeron) 374.84
Stormrider's Grips [Heroic] (Tier-11 heroic token) 364.02
Vicious Gladiator's Dragonhide Gloves (PvP) 346.71
* Double Attack Handguards [Normal] (Chimaeron) 343.56
Liar's Handwraps/Stormbolt Gloves [Normal] (Twilight Highlands faction reputation Exalted) 337.47
Stormrider's Grips [Normal] (Valor Tokens) 334.12

The Double Attack Handguards are really great if you are below the dodge cap for expertise (5.00%) otherwise the Tier gloves give a pretty decent boost to your hit. Notice that the exalted reputation gloves are a tad better than even normal tier-11, mostly because how low hit is valued.

Belt (Link)
Belt of the Fallen Brood [Heroic] (Lady Sinestra?) 366.40
Dispersing Belt [Heroic] (Twilight Council) 346.15
Belt of Nefarious Whispers [Normal] (Leatherworking BoE) 325.43
Vicious Gladiator's Belt of Triumph-Mastery/* Crit/Expertise/Hit (PvP) 323.46/321.67/321.65/319.52
Dispersing Belt [Normal] (Twilight Council) 317.13

Yikes Sinestra gear is really nice and also pretty unobtainable unless you are 12/12 heroic. The crafted Leatherworking belt will be getting an extra socket in 4.0.6 so it's actually probably the best option. If you don't want the hit consider the PvP option here.

Also the PvP options aren't actually called "Triumph" in all cases, Crit and Hit ones are Cruelty and Accuracy respectively.

Legs (Link)
Stormrider's Legguards [Heroic] (Tier-11 heroic token) 513.11
Aberration's Leggings [Heroic] (Maloriak) 503.50
* Stormrider's Legguards [Normal] (Valor Points) 470.49
Vicious Gladiator's Dragonhide Legguards (PvP) 470.40
Aberration Leggings [Normal] (Maloriak) 462.08

I'm glad to see the tier gear coming out on top in this section. Pick these up as one of your first tier-11 set pieces for sure. They are itemized better and have better sockets compared to Aberration's Leggings.

Boots (Link)
Storm Rider's Boots [Heroic] (Halfus Wyrmbreaker) 392.78
Vicious Gladiator's Boots of Triumph-Mastery/Crit/Expertise/Hit (PvP) 365.51/363.72/363.70/361.56
* Storm Rider's Boots [Normal] (Halfus Wyrmbreaker) 360.81
Treads of Fleeting Joy [Normal] (Valor Points BoE) 358.00

Heroic Storm Rider's Boots are really really good! The normal ones are about as good as the PvP option and the BoE option is probably the last thing you should be buying with those hard earned Valor points.

Rings (Link)
Lightning Conductor Band [Heroic] (Omnitron Defense System) 118.02
Bile-O-Tron Nut [Heroic] (Chimaeron) 108.18
Vicious Gladiator's Ring of Cruelty (PvP) 106.40
Signet of the Elder Council [Normal] (Twilight Highlands faction reputation Exalted) 105.87
Lightning Conductor Band [Normal] (Omnitron Defense System) 104.59
Vicious Gladiators Ring of Accuracy (PvP) 104.58
Gilnean Ring of Ruination [Normal] (Random Drop) 101.00
Dargonax's Signet [Heroic] (Lady Sinestra?) 97.66
Bile-O-Tron Nut [Normal] (Chimaeron) 95.90
Ring of the Battle Anthem [Normal] (Valor Points) 91.07

I listed a ton of options to show that well..there are a ton of options. I didn't even include the rings that can "spawn" from the Throne of Four Winds instance so consider those as well. Lightning Conductor Band and Bile-O-Tron is a good duo and the Signet of the Elder Council is incredibly easy to get and quite good so shoot for that while you gear up for heroic progression to start.

Trinkets (Link)
Bunch of WotLK Armor Trinkets (WotLK) 503.77 to 350.45

Bedrock Talisman [Normal] (Valor Points) 251.30
Symbiotic Worm [Heroic] (Magmaw) 111.79
Vial of Stolen Memories [Heroic] (Valiona) 111.79
Symbiotic Worm [Normal] (Magmaw) 99.05
* Vial of Stolen Memories [Normal] (Valiona) 99.05
* Lifebound Alchemist Stone [Normal] (Alchemy Only) 98.00
Essence of the Cyclone [Heroic] (Halfus Wyrmbreaker) 60.63

If there is one area where RSVs and gear lists fall short it's definitely in the trinket slot. The WotLK trinkets rank EXTREMELY high because they still have static armor that is based on WotLK itemization. If you have them you might as well use them for hard hitting low-magic encounters, otherwise Stamina and good On-Use effects are probably best (Vial of Stolen Memories).

Use what makes sense on any given encounter not what's at the top of this list..

UPDATE: WotLK trinkets are being adjusted to the new armor formula for gear so they will drop significantly in value.

Weapon (Link)
Malevolence [Heroic] (Halfus Wyrmbreaker) 219.96
Vicious Gladiator's Pike/Staff [Heroic] (PvP) 204.16
* Malevolence [Normal] (Halfus Wyrmbreaker) 194.94
Vicious Gladiator's Pike/Staff [Normal] (PvP) 180.92
Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Pike/Staff (PvP) 171.11
Akirus the Worm-Breaker [Heroic] (Magmaw) 168.80
Vicious Gladiator's Bonegrinder [Heroic] (PvP) 153.03
Akirus the Worm-Breaker [Normal] (Magmaw) 149.63

There really aren't that many options for weapons outside of Halfus and PvP. If you have terrible luck and haven't had the staff drop yet, consider the Bloodthirsty PvP two-handers. Agility really beats out strength here because of the RSVs.

Relic (Link)
Vicious Gladiator's Relic of Triumph (PvP) 60.19
Relic of Golganneth [Normal] (Valor Points) 58.27

Really just go with the Valor points option in this slot. That way you get to keep the crit and reforge that haste into something useful like Dodge Rating/Expertise/Hit.

Which four (4) pieces of tier-11 set pieces should I use?
For sure pick up the legs and probably helm set pieces as well as the shoulders. The chest and gloves are kind of a toss up. I'd probably recommend going with the gloves as the fourth piece only because of how nicely the Sark of the Unwatched is itemized. And you can take care of some hit from the gloves this way.

Well there's the list. If you have any questions please let me know! Also, I'm tired of typing Vicious...

Is this fo realz?

Loaded up MMO-Champion this morning and I see this little "gem"..
Shapeshifts: Entering or leaving a shapeshift no longer cancels root effects. It continues to cancel movement slowing effects.
Isn't that the entire point of being a Druid? You sacrifice a certain amount of utility or damage but make up for that somewhat by being difficult to CC?

I'm not a hardcore PvP player by any stretch of the imagination, I have done my fair share of arenas and even hit a 2k arena rating back near the beginning of WotLK, but this is kind of class breaking. Maybe I shouldn't say "class" breaking, more like "spec" breaking. There are worse nerfs that could hit Balance and Restoration Druids but being able to move is a staple part of what makes a Feral Druid..a Feral Druid!

As far as an argument is concerned (I don't want to sound like a whiny baby) I'd like to point out that there are still plenty of ways to CC a Feral Druid.
  • Cyclone
  • Hibernate
  • Scare Beast
  • Any Disorients
  • Deep Freeze, Ring of Frost
  • FEAR
  • All Stuns..
I probably missed some and honestly that's not even the point. Before this change even goes through any class that has a snare effectively reduces the damage a Feral can do by a drastic amount. Sure we CAN switch out of snares and sure we HAVE to, but that wastes a GCD and as a Feral you are practically forced to do it because snares are normally of the spammable type. You want to do damage? Well then you better power shift often or you'll never catch that mage!

I guess the real reason this makes me sad, if I'm being honest, is just the thought of Feral Druids losing their mobility. That's what it means to be a Feral and even though I don't take PvP seriously (who has time if you raid?), I still don't even like the the idea of Ferals losing such a defining aspect of their spec.

Sky is falling?

Nah, we'll adapt and move on. That's all you can really do...that's what you HAVE to do.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rawr: Setting up Rawr for Bears (Part 1)

I'm going to start a multi-post series about the theory crafting tool Rawr for three reasons. Firstly I want to help anyone who knows LESS than me about the tool, which would be shocking. Secondly I'd like to learn from anyone that has any helpful hints and tips. Thirdly I'm putting together a BiS list of sorts for Bears and I think it can be helpful to any that care to read it.

The second part can be viewed here: Part 2: Bear BiS Gear List

This is Part 1: Setting up Rawr for Bears

What is Rawr?
Rawr is a theory crafting tool that was originally developed for Druids and has expanded to multiple classes/specs. Some of it's "modules", which are seperated by class/spec, are current and usable in Cataclysm others aren't but are currently being updated.

How can I use it?
Rather than inputting your character stats into a spread sheet, Rawr can load your character from the Armory and uses a model and simulations to determine what gear is best for you (as well as enchants, gems, reforging, etc.). It is extremely customizable which is why some people shy away from it.

Firstly I recommend using the most updated version of Internet Explorer. Go to the following site: http://elitistjerks.com/rawr.php.

If you don't already have Silverlight installed on your computer you will need it to run Rawr in a browser window. Previous versions of Rawr were available as a desktop application and future versions will also be, but right now it's mostly faster and easier to just use the version on the web.

I suggest Internet Explorer because in general I've had better luck with it as opposed to Firefox. You must have the most updated version of Silverlight as well so right off the bat those are two things you want to be sure of before even using Rawr. IE and Silverlight. Feel free to try other browsers as they may work just as well. I'm only speaking from personal experience.

The last thing to mention is your browser/Silverlight might ask you to increase your "file storage limit", simply click yes or allow so Rawr is usable.

Where do I start?
The first thing to do once you have Rawr up and running is to load your character using the screen that pops up, or if you already closed this screen you can go to File > Load from Battle.net. This will show the following screen:

Feel free to load up my character by filling out the window exactly as I have.

After clicking "OK", you will load to the main Rawr window. On the left you should see a "Paper-doll" of your character, including your gear, gems, enchants, reforging, etc. In the middle of the paper-doll you have a mutli-tab area that displays a very large amount of information as well as settings that will drastically effect the way Rawr works for you.

Before diving into the tabs at the top make sure to go into the overall options for one specific reason. At the top of the screen you should see "File", "Tools", "Import", "Options", "Help". Click Options > Edit Options. In this window ensure that "Enforce Gem Requirements *" is checked.

"Enforcing Gem Requirements" needs to be check so your Meta works properly
as well as any unique-equip gems you have.
For now don't worry about the right side of the screen, concentrate on the tabs in the middle of the paper-doll. There is "Stats", "Talents", "Buffs", "Options", and "Boss Handler". Before jumping into these tabs there is one final thing to double check. Check each piece of gear in your paper-doll to make sure it imported from the Armory correctly. This means make sure it's gemmed, enchanted, reforged (if done in game) before moving on as this will obviously have a large effect on what Rawr will conclude.

The Bear Setup.

This stats tab is just that, a summation of all the stats and calculations that Rawr has for your character based on your gear, talents, options, etc. Biggest take away from this tab is that Rawr makes heavy use of mouse-over tool-tips so hover over labels and numbers and more than likely there is a decent explanation of what stat means what and how to value it.

Rawr allows you to quickly and easily change your talents to see how it effects your character. Don't underestimate the power in that. Once you have everything else set up you can then see if switching a point from one talent to another is actually an increase in threat, survivability, or mitigation.

This tab is arguably the most important tab to get right. It's worth going from top to bottom in this window and checking buffs that you will actually have in a given raid. In 25 man it's probably easy to just assume you'll have most all the buffs listed; however, in a 10 man guild like the one I'm in there may be a few things that are unfortunately not covered by your raid members.

Note: At the time of writing the "Apply Buffs By Raid Members" function is not implemented so fill out this window manually. I think it's worth going through and getting familiar with the buffs.

Along with the Buff window this is a window you definitely want to get set up correctly. Changing any option on this window will drastically change what Rawr suggests so tread carefully.

The way I've set up this window is very specific to heroic tier-11 raiding. What this means is that Rawr is going to heavily suggest survivability and mitigation stats. In particular it will suggest a relatively stamina/armor and avoidance heavy gear set as well as reforging/enchanting/gemming gear setup. In general the consensus is for regular tier-11 raiding an avoidance heavy set up is favored as you are rarely in danger of getting two/three shot based on the average damage of bosses in normal tier-11 raids.

For heroic raiding the general consensus is a stamina and survivability gear setup is favored because of the risk of being "jibbed" is quite a bit higher on the heroic versions.

Being that my guild and I plan to push heroic content/progression I've set up Rawr to suggest upgrades that help me achieve that goal. So while right now we are progressing through the final bosses on normal mode it's time to consider my gearing strategy for heroics.

One final note about this page and it's related to the Expertise/Hit debate. I set up Rawr to completely devalue threat so, for example, instead of suggesting reforging for hit and/or expertise Rawr will go for Dodge Rating as that is the highest rated secondary stat for me. So far threat hasn't been a huge concern outside the first 10-15 seconds of a fight. Even if you get an unlucky string of dodges/parries/misses early on in a fight you can always pop Berserk to make up for the threat loss.
EDIT: I wanted to add something (suggested by someone that used the post to help them set up Rawr) about the Survival Soft Cap and Target Damage (Raw) settings. As you can see in the screen shot below, the actual drop down simply changes the number directly below it. Think of it as a "preset" for an actual hard number that you can most certainly modify. IF you are going to modify these numbers then the only thing I can suggest is make sure you do them inclusively and proportionately. For example if you wanted a middle ground between Heroic T11 Raids and Normal T11 Raids, perhaps you can use the average of the Suvival Soft Cap and Target Damage (Raw) on both heroic and normal. Just make sure you do BOTH the same way.

Survival Soft Cap: 675000 (heroic) + 450000 (normal) / 2 = 562500
Target Damage (Raw): 225000 (heroic) + 150000 (normal) / 2 = 187500
No bosses in Cataclysm (as of yet) Parry Haste, makes expertise less valuable.
Boss Handler
This tab is perhaps the most customizable section of Rawr. By default Rawr models/simulates based on a pretty standard "Tank and Spank" encounter. Not very much movement, no real target switching, and no down-time (not tanking, losing Vengeance) just to name a few things, so on this tab you can add some encounter specific variables.

In general I leave it as "Where is " and instead of "Custom" I simply change it to "The Average Boss". In order to keep this section and post from getting extra lengthy I'll simply say, dig around a bit and see whats possible. In general and for my gear list I'll be hopefully posting later, I kept things average and simple, after all it's just an approximation.

So what's Rawr telling me to do?
Now that you've set everything up correctly, and double-check and triple-checked your options you can pay some attention to the right side of the screen!

Now you can see what Rawr (based on what you told it and how its been developed to model bears) suggests you do to improve your character. Anything from gear, enchants, gems, buffs, talents, etc. The first thing I do is sort the results based on what I'm concerned with. Mitigation and Survival. Again this will drastically change what Rawr tells you is the BEST thing for you. If you are concerned about threat (hit/expertise, as well as agility to a lesser extent) it would benefit you to change the Options we talked about above as well as sort by something more appropriate like "Overall" instead of what I've chosen "Mitigation+Survival".

Relative Stat Values (RSV)
RSVs are exactly what their name implies. They are a ranking of stats available on gear RELATIVE to each other. The best way to think about them is a list of priorities but only when they are on equal terms. In other words, and I think Rawr displays this well:

These are the values that I used as a base for my gear upgrades.
(click to enlarge)
So one more point of stamina is worth 63.91 "points". This is simply a quick and easy way of finding out how much better is a point of X stat compared to a point of Y stat. It's very useful, but only when used logically.

Based on the RSVs listed, and this should sound like common, any item with stamina, armor, and agility is great and since every piece of gear you wear should have these three stats (maybe not armor, but I digress) any higher iLvl piece will have these three stats as well just more of them. So heroic raiding gear is better than normal raiding gear based on this fact and common sense. Along with these primary stats, you can see from the RSVs listed that Dodge Rating and Mastery Rating are our best secondary stats. There is quite a big jump between the two mostly because of the options setup on the left side of the screen. Changing the options will keep the RSVs in rougly the same order but will drastically close the gap between Dodge Rating and Mastery.

Below is a screen shot of RSVs based on a different set of options. Namely still no threat value, but a survival soft cap for normal tier-11 raids as well as a Target damage setting equal to normal tier-11 raids.

Notice that avoidance takes the lead when you are doing normal raids, less
chance of getting 2-shot so survivability takes a back seat.
(click to enlarge)
Well it's a good thing I decided to break up these posts. Next post I'll show you my list of items based on the RSVs above and why it's important to not follow Rawr blindly. It's not perfect and I'd never claim it was but it's certainly a tremendous help.

Any questions or concerns/feedback feel free to comment!

Derp Derp

Yesterday I vented a little about the changes to engineering. The short of it is the glove enchants are suppose to equal the bonuses of the other professions. That's what makes the profession viable for raiding.

The thing about the glove enchant is you have to "discover" it by making other items. So any time I've came across any Volatile Air I've been converting them into Electrifed Ethers. Even though that pattern is gray it's been confirmed that you have a chance to discover the new recipes by creating any Cataclysm engineering item. Well I whisper a rogue in guild asking how many recipes have they discovered since I was pouring money down the drain, here's roughly how the conversation went:
Me: How many of the engineering recipes have you discovered?
Rogue: all of them..
Me: WTF, I've only discovered I think one of them..
* I open the window in frustration to link the only one I've discovered *
Me: Oh wait...haha
Me: I've already learned them all...
Rogue: ...
Me: Wow, I'm an idiot
Rogue: Way to go jackass
Me: What would I do without you?!
Rogue: suck even more than you do now..
So I had myself one of THOSE moments it would seem..oh well, at least I have my awesome glove enchant!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A concerned Engineer

With Cataclysm in full motion and the first couple of raid weeks under my belt I feel a lot more at ease with devoting some time to a blog post.

Firstly, like I hurriedly mentioned in my last post (almost a month ago, /sigh) I went through some rather quick guild changes and now I'm the RL of a small 10 man guild called Shenanigans Inc. We've had a decent amount of success so far, even with a rocky start due to the Holiday boss, and currently we're sitting at 10/12 normal 10 man.

Okay so with that out of the way..

I'm a sad rocket bear as of late, and if you yourself are a skilled engineer raiding in Cataclysm I'm sure you know why. The profession isn't really that great anymore for raiding..in fact, it really isn't that great for much of anything.

Engineering in WotLK was justifiable for a few reasons but the one unmistakable reason was Rocket Boots (renamed to Nitro Boost). This alone made Engineering worth it because it gave a whole new level of mobility. I found a use for it in almost every encounter.

Other than Nitro Boosts there was Reticulated Armor Webbing, which was fantastic for tanking as well.

When 4.0.3 (not 4.0.3a) hit "tinkers" as they are called could be stacked up with other normal enchants effectively making Engineering an insanely good profession. You could get all the fun (Move extremely fast), you could get the mitigation (Armor enchant) and then on top of that you didn't sacrifice a normal glove enchant. What a deal!

Alas..along with the changes to allow "tinkers" as well as normal enchants they also dramatically increased the failure chance of the belt enchant. The glove enchant for Cataclysm is actually still really nice - Quickflip Deflection Plates - you just have to get lucky and "discover" it by crafting other engineering items.

The boots though...not so much. If you don't know much about Engineering suffice to say that part of being an engineer and messing with "gadgets" is they have a chance to fail or backfire. Each belt tinker has a chance (large or small) of either not working or causing a different effect than the one intended. Here is how the tinkers (belt enchants) break down for a tank..
  1. Nitro Boost
    • Success: 150% movement speed for 5 seconds
    • Fail: Rocket Fuel Leak or shoot into the air where you may or may not get a parachute
  2. Grounded Plasma Shield
    • Success: A shield that can absorb almost 20,000 damage
    • Fail: Painful Shock (taunts everything withing 40 yards for 4 seconds), Magnetized (stuns you for 5 seconds), or Reverse Shield (increases chance to be critically hit by 100% for 10 seconds)
  3. Cardboard Assassin
    • Success: A 77,490 HP dummy that AoE taunts. So it can eat a hit or two for you, which is actually rather nice..
    • Fail: None..that I know of..yet
  4. Invisibility Field
    • Success: Go invisible for 15 seconds, this doesn't really have many practical uses for a tank but situational tinkers are situational.
    • Fail: Dazzled (Instead of you being invisible everyone [NPCs, players] are invisible, they can see you though), Field Disruption (breaks the invisibility early, possibly from moving too much)
After looking over the list, the only one that is remotely useful and reliable is the Cardboard Assassin. 77.5k HP isn't that much when tanks are running around in raids with close to 200k, but it's something. The best part is it can't fail.

So as a concerned Engineer I'm starting to think maybe it's not worth it, to keep the profession. Any seasoned Engineer has a certain amount of pride with sticking with the profession regardless of how lackluster it appears though so I'm not sure yet if I want to drop it. Engineering is easily the most "fun" profession in the game (not that any of the other professions make the claim to be fun) so it's understandable that you take the risks with the awesome rewards.

The glove enchant is suppose to be equal to other profession bonuses. I'm not sold..but I am stubborn. Hopefully they release a new Nitro Boost or remove the fail chance from raids..