Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Besides my drood..

...what you thought the only class I enjoyed playing in this game is a druid?

Hah..I'm just like every other "altaholic" out there. I have on my old server Drak'thul:

Ampie - 80 - Blood Elf Hunter
Ampzilla - 80 - Undead Mage
Adaam - 80 - Blood Elf Paladin
Ampeh - 71 - Undead Rogue
Ampnet - 65 - Undead Priest

I know super creative names, sue me. Anyways the tragic thing is I don't play any of them anymore since I transferred my druid to Mal'Ganis.

I did however plan ahead and assumed I would get the itch to play one of these characters again at some point, so instead of just leaving all of my heirloom gear there I packed them up with my druid and brought them with me.

This immediately gave me the drive to start a whole new set of alts.....yah....uhh, not kidding.

I thoroughly enjoy the rogue class, probably because they are basically the Cadillac of kitty druids. So this is my first alt I'm leveling on Mal'Ganis. I'm already level 51 and I have to say I think I'm enjoying it even more than I enjoyed leveling my first rogue - and hopefully this time I'll make it all the way to 80 so I can mess around with some PvP.

One of the fun things for me at least when leveling a new character is to mess around with talents and build what I think is the "best" leveling spec for myself. Yesterday after work I hopped on and quickly tried out a Mutilate spec now that I'm able to get that far down the tree and the only comment I have is Mutilate kind of stinks for leveling. The stun locking is essentially the same as combat with maybe an extra second on kidney shot if you get lucky with a mutilate crit, but other than that it's harder to manage slice and dice and I came crawling back to my combat spec as soon as I got back to Orgrimmar.

The leveling experience is so completely different now with the LFD tool. At first I refused to quest and was relying on the dungeon finder (after level 14) to get anywhere, but since the queues are sometimes rather long as a pure DPS, I've been out in Azeroth enjoying it before everything changes forever, I'm glad too because I don't know if I'll ever get around to Loremaster on my druid before Cataclysm.

I'll have more posts about my rogue in the future, especially once I get to Outlands where the real leveling begins..

Tonight marks the beginning of my second week of raiding 25 man ICC with Berserk, hopefully we can clear everything up to Sindragosa tonight. Man do I want a Lich King kill!

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