Monday, May 10, 2010

How about an update, and an explanation

I haven't posted in awhile and frankly I don't have a really good reason.

Blogging about a game that you love to play is hard to do when the way you are playing the game is far from the way you actually enjoying playing it. This has definitively been the case for me since I've started this blog. Not that this blog has anything to do with it, but it's just a good point of reference (date wise) from when I transferred off the old dead server I use to play on to the current incredibly overpopulated and active server I play on now.

Anyways to my point: I left a dead super casual server hoping to find a raiding guild that fit my schedule and my attitude towards raiding. I joined my RL buddies casual 10 man only ICC raiding guild as soon as or closely after transferring over. Mistake. I can't spend a large amount of time playing a video game and not excel at it, it just doesn't work for me. Too much time wasted and not enough accomplishment. I went from a no raiding status to a 'fake' raiding status and to me, that warrants a "I might as well quit" attitude. My way out was to find a 25 man raiding guild that needed a feral tank with sub-par DPS gear that had reasonable raid times (Nothing past 11 est on weeknights).

I happened upon Berserk, and they fit the bill perfectly. They are a great group of people (so far) and being in a 25 man raiding atmosphere really feels good.

So my hopes are this change of raiding status will help me stay more connected to the part of the game that I like best and also to facilitate with keeping this blog from becoming a deserted few pages out on the internetz.

So that was more the explanation..with that out of the way...

I have not fallen off the face of the Earth meaning I have been closely watching MMO-Champion and I'm mixed as far as what's in store for Ferals/Druids come Cataclysm. I'll save my thoughts/comments for a bit longer, because I think it's really too early to formulate much of an opinion yet. Definitely excited though!

I'll have more to say about raiding in 25 mans, the different stats juggling I've done recently, as well as more thoughts about being a hybrid and much much more!

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