Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Could it be?!?

This hasn't, so far, been posted to MMO-Champion's front page yet so I'm not just repeating information! Apparently Blizzard is considering reworking Savage Defense a bit so it will absorb damage until a certain amount rather than just breaking as soon as you take any damage.
For Savage Defense the change we're thinking about would probably be instead of reducing the next physical attack for X damage, it would instead absorb X damage for some duration. Big single target hits would probably drop the shield either way, but all the dinkier hits from pack pulls would be mitigated rather well. It's probably something you'll see fleshed out on the PTR.    - Bashiok, Community Manager
In other words - right now if you proc Savage Defense and you get hit for 1 damage or 50,000 damage the shield gets used up. It might completely absorb the damage or it might mitigate the hit and absorb some portion of the damage (depends on your attack power and mastery rating).

What the devs are considering is changing Savage Defense so that it works similar to a Priest's Power Word: Shield. If you proc Savage Defense it absorbs X amount of damage, even if it's multiple hits!

Two things:
  1. Easier add/trash tanking!
  2. Yay for soloing old content!

Also, it's safe to ignore my previous recruitment post, Shenanigans Inc found a new Warlock that we are extremely happy with and we are now continuing our push into heroic content. I also went ahead and assembled a new computer (possible future post) so I'm making a promise to myself to record our heroic kills. Halfus, Chimaeron, Maloriak and Atramedes will not be first kills, but I'm still going to record them. Next up will be Magmaw and Conclave!