Wednesday, March 9, 2011

<Shenanigans Inc> is recruiting a Warlock or Hunter

I've talked about my guild a couple of times here on the blog, and we've recently had a member step down from raiding for personal reasons. This has opened up our recruitment for the first time since the guild was created at the start of Cataclysm.

We (the founders) got extremely lucky when we first started to put together the guild because we took on a few members that were just absolutely fantastic additions and just all around superb raiders. We now hope to get lucky once more and find a permanent (this is not for the bench) top-notch Warlock or Hunter to raid with us.

We are currently 3/13 Heroic 10M and are pushing progression on heroic Conclave, Magmaw, and Atramedes!

Here is the recruitment verbiage from our post on the Official WoW Forums:
Shenanigans Inc is a ten man raiding guild forming on US-Mal’Ganis (CST). We reject the traditional assumption that “fun” and “progress” are mutually exclusive, and intend to push the limits of both. We believe that accountability and open communication are the keys to success and longevity, and leaven this with a healthy dose of tact and respect. Our goal is to progress rapidly and gracefully through content, and constantly reaffirm the fun we have playing this game. Fun isn't just defined by killing dragons; guild chemistry includes a lot of laughs, and plenty of crude humor. Bring your raid face, but make sure your skin is thick (not just from hot pockets). We are looking for raiders interested in becoming shareholders in this venture.

Our members have extensive raiding experience from Vanilla onwards, including Light of Dawn, Insanity, Glory of the Ulduar Raider, Hand of A’dal and fully intend on pushing forward into Cataclysm to extend our raiding resumes.

The guild will operate under the assumption that each of our members is equally vested in the groups success. We will require exacting self and peer evaluations on performance, and expect every raider to be involved in pre-raid strategy and post-raid assessments.

Official raid times are Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 8-11 ST (CST), but we can and do add and extend our raid nights for new content or to ensure a kill. We have an energetic community of alts and friends, and an active forum outside of the game.

We are looking for raiders who share our commitment to progress and a healthy guild home. As a trial, you would have all of the same responsibilities as our vested raiders, and a successful trial period would be dependent on the dedication you bring to our vision for the guild.

Classes :
We are specifically looking for the following classes, but exceptional applicants of other classes will be considered. Being well-versed in off-specs is expected and necessary.

1 Hunter OR Warlock
*Note - We are NOT recruiting for the bench. This is for an immediate and permanent spot in the raid.

If this is a guild you are interested in, please visit our website, In such a small group, personality is just as important as skill and we will not compromise our standards on either point. You can fill out an application on our forums, or contact any one of our members in game. We do not recruit for the bench or back up positions. If you are interested in the vision of Shenanigans Inc, you may apply as a non-raiding member.

Who to contact:
If you are at all interested or would like more information visit our website HERE (take a moment to view our Recruitment page, Guild Charter, or top ranked WoL and of course our awesome banner! Contact me or any other guild member in game as well if you have any specific questions!

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