Friday, April 16, 2010

Complete Banner, What happened on Professor last night?

Firstly, I'm pretty happy with the way the banner has turned out. It only took a few steps, required only free software, and the result was much better than I expected.

Mostly to give credit where credit is due, but also because I like the process and haven't messed around with graphics much here's how I went about it:
  1. Wow Model Viewer (

    I started messing with the "Load Character from Armory" feature. I wasn't happy with the Tauren form because it was too tall and to be honest my gear doesn't really look that great, haha. I kept coming back to the bear form model though because obviously it's the most fitting and I think Blizzard really did a fantastic job with the new models.

    This is where my girlfriend saved the day with positioning the model like it is above. We cropped out most of the body so we could get close enough to the face and then I hit a road block. Clearly we know which one of us in the relationship is creative; I'm completely lost, she comes along and shows me a unique way of looking at the bear model face, she stops giving input, and I'm back to being completely lost.

  2. to the rescue (

    Can I just say I love this software! I'm an avid user of MS Paint and believe it or not I actually use it quite frequently at my job to show people why they fail at reading directions, but is just a whole different animal. I started off with just the bear face on the right and planned on the blog title taking up most of the extra space to the left:

    While messing around with the "Magic Wand" which by the way really is magic if you were wondering, I selected the bear face and went up to Effects > Artistic > Ink Sketch and voila a cool comic book effect. Well the comic book effect on the bear face got me thinking about how I'd like the title to show up so I googled " speech bubble" and downloaded a fantastic plug-in for that was created by dpy called appropriately enough dpy's pack.Couldn't have been easier to add the text and speech bubble to the image.

  3. Finishing Touch (thanks WoWWiki), as I'm sure most rich-featured graphics software, has the ability to layer things really quite well so I brought the image in and when nicely asked if I wanted to re-size my canvas or crop the image - I chose the latter.

    Finally I adjusted the opacity on the face/speech bubble layer and that my friends is the finished product you see at the top.

    Pat myself and of course my girlfriend on the back, haha, I'm happy with it.

Last night our ten man got together and I was pretty stoked because we had some really solid DPS. Flew through the first 6 bosses and dinged exalted with Ashen Verdict as soon as Festergut went down, promptly got my new tanking ring and headed over to Professor for what was shaping up to be a 7/12 clear.

Problem with our ten man composition last night? We had two, count em, two ranged DPS. A hunter and mage. I figured we would be just fine because we could have melee switch off to the oozes, boy was I wrong. It was taking too long to get professor to phase three. The green ooze - at least every other spawn got to it's intended target for explosion shenanigans and things really seemed doomed mid phase 2. Against all odds, we managed to get to phase three and even had a clear transition with no ooze out. I drop out of the abomination I was piloting around the room, switch to bear, and rocket boots my way over to the table for a clean pick up of the Professor. I taunted and I went down like a sack of clue. Luckily our druid healer was quick to get me up and we somewhat recovered. The DPS was actually pretty solid and we got the boss to 20,000 health, I'm guessing our paladin tank died, because I was still tanking, and the boss healing back up to 12%, BUST!

Had to call it, after a couple more attempts we lost our rogue and didn't have a range to replace him with, but come Sunday it's Round Two!

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