Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oxheart makes everything better (almost)

Ooooh shiny!

Last night isn't considered a set in stone raid night for our little casual 10 man ICC group, but we had most of the people on so we tried to make a push for Sindragosa. All we had was trash, free frost emblem mini-boss, then the Dreamwalker.

We tried out a couple new DPS we recruited over the weekend and they definitely held their own. We tried a new strategy for Dreamwalker and instead of two tanks and splitting DPS in half, we used our paladin tank and I switched to kitty for some rusty feral DPS. Only wiped once and it was because mob priorities weren't 100% clear.

Easiest way to handle the adds that we saw is:

Suppressors (Hunter kite Blistering Zombies) > Blazing Skeletons > Gluttonous Abominations > Risen Archmages

After the second attempt, she went down with no deaths, easy and clean kill. So next we had the good old...spi

OH YEAH! [Oxheart] dropped! It kind of caught me off guard, but its become almost a perfect solution to my hit/expertise woes. The weapon of course has a boat load of expertise which allowed me to swap out my neck for this. So now I'm sitting at 11.5% expertise and 7.53% hit which is awesome! I'm using the wrathful neck and bracers which is making my threat stats suffer a little bit, but I haven't had any issues whatsoever with TPS so I guess Oxheart really does make everything better!

der room. Luckily someone in guild chat was nice enough to mention that you don't just stand in the middle of the room until the end of eternity killing wave after wave of spiders. We made our way to the other side of the room and once the gate (door?) opened we happily stepped out onto the Frost Queen's terrace.

Let me just take this opportunity to complain about the two 3.2M HP mini-boss dragons you have to kill before you engage Sindragosa. I'm guessing it's a lore thing which I don't mind, but 3.2 million HP each...ugh!

Anyways, we took sometime explaining the strategy and everyone seemed to understand. Honestly we probably could have killed her sooner, but we were trying to handle frost tombs in the middle of the room, and the frost bombs kept spawning practically right underneath the tombs making them nearly impossible to LoS. Per suggestion of a friend in a different guild that was hanging out in vent, we moved the frost tombs to the stairs that lead out onto the terrace and I have to say it really simplified the frost bombs. Our priest kept having computer issues and between having to wait for him to reboot and since it was already pass 10:30, we gave it a couple more attempts (one of which we saw phase 3 and the boss to 21%), we called it.

I'm fully expecting this new reset to make a run for Arthas and start putting in attempts there. Go go Kingslayer incoming!

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