Monday, April 19, 2010

Round 2: Professor and that's just the beginning

We showed Professor who was boss after our less than successful run in with him on Friday. Completely opposite composition from Friday, we had the same rogue we brought last week, except this time he was the ONLY melee! That's the funny thing about casual raiding with friends, never really know who is and isn't available. So I'd like to say we one shot Professor but no, not quite. We actually ended up wiping for around an hour. The DPS just was not there. We even had a couple of really nice transitions to phase 3 with no oozes out, but couldn't get him down before we'd be overwhelmed by the debuff or slime pools. Finally (our savior) warlock logs in and we sub out our under performing mage.

Smooth sailing one shot right after that! Amazing how much one person can change an encounter like that, but I guess that's the nice part (bad part?) about 10 mans. So not only do we one shot Professor, but Mr. Warlock brought his A-game and we one shot (progression mind you, first time kill) Blood Princes! Everyone did such a fantastic job in their roles. Our hunter only missed one disco ball, which you can't really blame him, he handled them all except that one perfectly. Our OT did a fantastic job keeping Prince "huge fireball" (new cataclysm mage spell?) Taldaram out of vortexes and what not. And like I said our Warlock...absolutely awesome job picking up the shadow orbs and keeping aggro on Prince Keleseth. We run with a holy Paladin (girlfriend), a resto Druid (the hunter mentioned above's wife), and a MS resto/OS elemental Shaman (friend of mine from high school). They all did a really great job and congrats to the guild on 9/12.

We weren't done yet though. We had every intention of beating Blood-Queen Lana'thel and after a few attempts and trying to figure out why people were dieing on her 5 second air phase she went down!

Now that we are 10/12 we are hoping to sneak in some time tonight and see if we can get Sindragosa down. Should be interesting.

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