Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Derp Derp

Yesterday I vented a little about the changes to engineering. The short of it is the glove enchants are suppose to equal the bonuses of the other professions. That's what makes the profession viable for raiding.

The thing about the glove enchant is you have to "discover" it by making other items. So any time I've came across any Volatile Air I've been converting them into Electrifed Ethers. Even though that pattern is gray it's been confirmed that you have a chance to discover the new recipes by creating any Cataclysm engineering item. Well I whisper a rogue in guild asking how many recipes have they discovered since I was pouring money down the drain, here's roughly how the conversation went:
Me: How many of the engineering recipes have you discovered?
Rogue: all of them..
Me: WTF, I've only discovered I think one of them..
* I open the window in frustration to link the only one I've discovered *
Me: Oh wait...haha
Me: I've already learned them all...
Rogue: ...
Me: Wow, I'm an idiot
Rogue: Way to go jackass
Me: What would I do without you?!
Rogue: suck even more than you do now..
So I had myself one of THOSE moments it would seem..oh well, at least I have my awesome glove enchant!

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