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Rawr: Using Rawr/Wowhead to create a BiS list (Part 2)

This is the second part of a two post series. The first part talked about how to configure Rawr for a Bear in a raiding environment and finished with a section talking about RSVs (Relative Stat Values). In this post I hope to outline some gear that one might consider "Best-in-slot".

First I want to qualify what exactly "Best-in-slot" actually means and how a BiS list should be used. When someone gives you a list of the best possible gear you can use in each slot it's important to read the list as a whole not as individual slots. It's also important to understand that MY list is heavily influenced by the requirements to do heroic mode tier-11 raids. One of the things I find interesting about the list is that other than possibly jewelery slots, most of the gear should be used regardless of what type of progression you are working on. And like I said yesterday when talking about heroic vs. non-heroic gear the obvious answer is if you do NOT have access to heroic gear consider the non-heroic version in it's place in most if not all cases.

I've limited the list to only a few items as it can be quite lengthly. I've also made an effort to include PvP gear (to make a point) and exclude any gear Pre-Cataclysm gear but there may be some exceptions. Blah blah blah, here's the list:

Item [Heroic/Normal] (Source) Score
* - What I have currently equipped

Helm (Link)
Stormrider's Headpiece [Heroic] (Tier-11 heroic token) 479.56
Membrane of C'Thun [Heroic] (Cho'gall) 478.26
Vicious Gladiator's Dragonhide Helm (PvP) 450.96
Tsanga's Helm [Normal] (Bastion Zone Drop) 445.83
Stormrider's Headpiece [Normal] (Nefarian tier-11 token) 439.50
Membrane of C'Thun [Normal] (Cho'gall) 438.21
* Agile Bio-Optic Killshades [Normal] (Engineering Only) 420.67

The heroic pieces are significantly better than anything else which is obvious given both items drop from end bosses of this tier. The PvP helm (as you'll see through most of this list) outpaces a lot of raid drops when survivability is weighed so heavily. My suggestion for tier slots is ensure you have 4 pieces for heroic bosses as the 4-set bonus is really nice for dealing with the insane amount of damage you can expect.

Neck (Link)
Necklace of Strife [Heroic] (Valiona) 119.47
* Vicious Gladiator's Necklace of Prowess/Proficiency (PvP) 107.91/106.38
Ironstar Amulet [Heroic] (Atramedes) 106.19
Caelestrasz's Will [Heroic] (Lady Sinestra?) 105.95
Necklace of Strife [Normal] (Valiona) 105.87

The PvP items are tough to beat in this slot (especially the one with Mastery). Caelestrasz's Will probably drops from Lady Sinestra being that it's 7 iLvls above anything else on the list.

Shoulder (Link)
Poison Protocol Pauldrons [Heroic] (Omnitron Defense System) 418.07
Stormrider's Spaulders [Heroic] (Tier-11 heroic token) 411.08
Vicious Gladiator's Dragonhide Spaulders (PvP) 388.73
Poison Protocol Pauldrons [Normal] (Omnitron Defense System) 384.45
Stormrider's Spaulders [Normal] (Cho'gall tier-11 token) 378.34

There isn't a ton of variety/options for shoulders. You have Omnitron on heroic or normal, PvP, or tier-11 set. The Poison Protocol Pauldrons have great itemization.

Back (Link)
Cloak of Biting Chill [Heroic] (Maloriak) 248.60
Vicious Gladiator's Cape of Prowess/Cruelty (PvP) 230.19/227.69
*Cloak of Biting Chill  [Normal] (Maloriak) 225.97
Ironstar's Impenetrable Cover [Heroic] (Zone Drop - BWD) 225.40
Vicious Gladiator's Cloak of Conquest (PvP) 224.68
Dory's Finery (Trash Drop - Heroics) 220.75
Viewless Wings (Valor Points) 220.75
Gray Hair Cloak (Valor Points) 217.30
Zom's Electrostatic Cloak (World Drop) 217.30
Wrap of the Great Turtle (Mount Hyjal faction reputation Exalted) 213.30

Was pointed out by Anon that I forgot to include the Back slot. I have no idea how I missed it, thanks! I've included quite a few options to show where the commonly acquired ones (Wrap of the Great Turtle, Dory's Finery [if you have a deep pocket]) rank as well as the Valor Point options. Heroic Biting Chill is significantly better than any other options currently.

Chest (Link)
Sark of the Unwatched [Heroic] (Atramedes) 556.54
Stormrider's Raiment [Heroic] (Tier-11 heroic token) 547.38
Vicious Gladiator's Dragonhide Robes (PvP) 516.88
Assassin's Chestplate [Normal] (Leatherworking BoE) 513.10
Morrie's Waywalker Wrap [Normal] (Random Trash Drop) 511.57
* Sark of the Unwatched [Normal] (Atramedes) 511.57
Stormrider's Raiment [Normal] (Valor Points) 503.62

Assassin's Chestplate will be getting a socket added in 4.0.6 which will raise it's score above the PvP robe which is really nice. If you need hit rating because of Skull Bash this wouldn't be a terrible place to pick up a ton of it, crafting it isn't terribly expesnive and you'll mostly be paying for the Orbs/Pristine Hide.

Wrist (Link)
Parasitic Bands [Heroic] (Magmaw/Chimaeron?) 274.19
Vicious Gladiator's Armwraps of Triumph-Mastery (PvP) 251.70
Parasitic Bands [Normal] (Magmaw/Chimaeron?) 251.45
Vicious Gladiator's Armwraps of Triumph-Crit/Expertise/* Hit/Haste (PvP) 250.18/250.17/248.37/247.21

So many flavors of the PvP wrists, I went with the hit ones for a threat/reliability boost. The heroic Parasitic Bands are much better than anything else available. The Hit and Haste PvP bracers are actually called Accuracy and Alacrity respectively.

Hands (Link)
Double Attack Handguards [Heroic] (Chimaeron) 374.84
Stormrider's Grips [Heroic] (Tier-11 heroic token) 364.02
Vicious Gladiator's Dragonhide Gloves (PvP) 346.71
* Double Attack Handguards [Normal] (Chimaeron) 343.56
Liar's Handwraps/Stormbolt Gloves [Normal] (Twilight Highlands faction reputation Exalted) 337.47
Stormrider's Grips [Normal] (Valor Tokens) 334.12

The Double Attack Handguards are really great if you are below the dodge cap for expertise (5.00%) otherwise the Tier gloves give a pretty decent boost to your hit. Notice that the exalted reputation gloves are a tad better than even normal tier-11, mostly because how low hit is valued.

Belt (Link)
Belt of the Fallen Brood [Heroic] (Lady Sinestra?) 366.40
Dispersing Belt [Heroic] (Twilight Council) 346.15
Belt of Nefarious Whispers [Normal] (Leatherworking BoE) 325.43
Vicious Gladiator's Belt of Triumph-Mastery/* Crit/Expertise/Hit (PvP) 323.46/321.67/321.65/319.52
Dispersing Belt [Normal] (Twilight Council) 317.13

Yikes Sinestra gear is really nice and also pretty unobtainable unless you are 12/12 heroic. The crafted Leatherworking belt will be getting an extra socket in 4.0.6 so it's actually probably the best option. If you don't want the hit consider the PvP option here.

Also the PvP options aren't actually called "Triumph" in all cases, Crit and Hit ones are Cruelty and Accuracy respectively.

Legs (Link)
Stormrider's Legguards [Heroic] (Tier-11 heroic token) 513.11
Aberration's Leggings [Heroic] (Maloriak) 503.50
* Stormrider's Legguards [Normal] (Valor Points) 470.49
Vicious Gladiator's Dragonhide Legguards (PvP) 470.40
Aberration Leggings [Normal] (Maloriak) 462.08

I'm glad to see the tier gear coming out on top in this section. Pick these up as one of your first tier-11 set pieces for sure. They are itemized better and have better sockets compared to Aberration's Leggings.

Boots (Link)
Storm Rider's Boots [Heroic] (Halfus Wyrmbreaker) 392.78
Vicious Gladiator's Boots of Triumph-Mastery/Crit/Expertise/Hit (PvP) 365.51/363.72/363.70/361.56
* Storm Rider's Boots [Normal] (Halfus Wyrmbreaker) 360.81
Treads of Fleeting Joy [Normal] (Valor Points BoE) 358.00

Heroic Storm Rider's Boots are really really good! The normal ones are about as good as the PvP option and the BoE option is probably the last thing you should be buying with those hard earned Valor points.

Rings (Link)
Lightning Conductor Band [Heroic] (Omnitron Defense System) 118.02
Bile-O-Tron Nut [Heroic] (Chimaeron) 108.18
Vicious Gladiator's Ring of Cruelty (PvP) 106.40
Signet of the Elder Council [Normal] (Twilight Highlands faction reputation Exalted) 105.87
Lightning Conductor Band [Normal] (Omnitron Defense System) 104.59
Vicious Gladiators Ring of Accuracy (PvP) 104.58
Gilnean Ring of Ruination [Normal] (Random Drop) 101.00
Dargonax's Signet [Heroic] (Lady Sinestra?) 97.66
Bile-O-Tron Nut [Normal] (Chimaeron) 95.90
Ring of the Battle Anthem [Normal] (Valor Points) 91.07

I listed a ton of options to show that well..there are a ton of options. I didn't even include the rings that can "spawn" from the Throne of Four Winds instance so consider those as well. Lightning Conductor Band and Bile-O-Tron is a good duo and the Signet of the Elder Council is incredibly easy to get and quite good so shoot for that while you gear up for heroic progression to start.

Trinkets (Link)
Bunch of WotLK Armor Trinkets (WotLK) 503.77 to 350.45

Bedrock Talisman [Normal] (Valor Points) 251.30
Symbiotic Worm [Heroic] (Magmaw) 111.79
Vial of Stolen Memories [Heroic] (Valiona) 111.79
Symbiotic Worm [Normal] (Magmaw) 99.05
* Vial of Stolen Memories [Normal] (Valiona) 99.05
* Lifebound Alchemist Stone [Normal] (Alchemy Only) 98.00
Essence of the Cyclone [Heroic] (Halfus Wyrmbreaker) 60.63

If there is one area where RSVs and gear lists fall short it's definitely in the trinket slot. The WotLK trinkets rank EXTREMELY high because they still have static armor that is based on WotLK itemization. If you have them you might as well use them for hard hitting low-magic encounters, otherwise Stamina and good On-Use effects are probably best (Vial of Stolen Memories).

Use what makes sense on any given encounter not what's at the top of this list..

UPDATE: WotLK trinkets are being adjusted to the new armor formula for gear so they will drop significantly in value.

Weapon (Link)
Malevolence [Heroic] (Halfus Wyrmbreaker) 219.96
Vicious Gladiator's Pike/Staff [Heroic] (PvP) 204.16
* Malevolence [Normal] (Halfus Wyrmbreaker) 194.94
Vicious Gladiator's Pike/Staff [Normal] (PvP) 180.92
Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Pike/Staff (PvP) 171.11
Akirus the Worm-Breaker [Heroic] (Magmaw) 168.80
Vicious Gladiator's Bonegrinder [Heroic] (PvP) 153.03
Akirus the Worm-Breaker [Normal] (Magmaw) 149.63

There really aren't that many options for weapons outside of Halfus and PvP. If you have terrible luck and haven't had the staff drop yet, consider the Bloodthirsty PvP two-handers. Agility really beats out strength here because of the RSVs.

Relic (Link)
Vicious Gladiator's Relic of Triumph (PvP) 60.19
Relic of Golganneth [Normal] (Valor Points) 58.27

Really just go with the Valor points option in this slot. That way you get to keep the crit and reforge that haste into something useful like Dodge Rating/Expertise/Hit.

Which four (4) pieces of tier-11 set pieces should I use?
For sure pick up the legs and probably helm set pieces as well as the shoulders. The chest and gloves are kind of a toss up. I'd probably recommend going with the gloves as the fourth piece only because of how nicely the Sark of the Unwatched is itemized. And you can take care of some hit from the gloves this way.

Well there's the list. If you have any questions please let me know! Also, I'm tired of typing Vicious...


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