Friday, July 2, 2010

Blood Draining vs. Mongoose vs. ???

So many options...

There is (was) a pretty good discussion about Blood Draining and Mongoose in the Feral Tanking thread on EJ a couple days ago, and I'm kind of on the fence now about switching from Mongoose to Blood Draining.

If you don't know here's the tooltip from each weapon enchant:

Blood Draining

The main difference is one gives you avoidance, a small amount of mitigation and a decent amount of threat while the other gives you survivability when you need it most.

To the new to tanking Mongoose may seem like a no brainer - why wouldn't you take extra agility, some armor and a small threat boost over a bit of health when you dip low. And honestly if you are new to tanking you probably aren't jumping right into heroic 25 man ICC. So in that case (and I'm speaking strictly for the bears) I'd say Mongoose is the way to go.

I think to accurately figure out how "good" blood draining is you have to consider how hard a boss hits you on average compared to how much health you have at 35%. Let's do this with something easy like Sindragosa.

Edit: I say edit because I added this little edit after I did the sad excuse for math below but before I published this post, and I'm beginning to doubt my assumptions about how good Blood Draining is, hopefully someone can point out my flaws in logic, but after writing up this post, Blood Draining seems kind of lackluster, or at the very least not THAT much better than mongoose given the avoidance/threat/mitigation that mongoose does offer.

 World of Logs - Heroic Sindragosa

Firstly, let's assume from the data and otherwise:
  • Average melee hit = 25,939
  • Blood Reserve is at 5 in each scenario
  • The Blood Draining proc heals for 2,000 - mid way between the amount possible at 5 stacks (1800-2200) in each scenario
  • My buffed health when tanking is 85,500 (which is actually right around what it is, not sure of exact number)
  • Let's ignore Frost Breaths because:
    • They hit for roughly a bit less than a melee hit so they can even be considered the next melee hit
    • I'm bad at math

Health at 35% = Total Health * 0.35
29925 = 85,500 * 0.35

Scenario #1 (aka the least effective use of Blood Draining):
I take enough damage to take me a little below the amount required for Blood Draining to proc. Meaning I get hit and it's to the effect that after the hit I am left with 34.9% of my total health. Meaning Blood Draining procs and the heal is negligible.

Health at 34.9% = Total Health * 0.349
29840 = 85500 * 0.349

Blood Draining would proc (remember assume 5 stack and average heal)
29840 + 2000 = 31840

The next hit coming in
31840 - 25939 = 5901

So as a recap - I have 55,779hp get hit for 25939hp, Blood Draining procs, I have 31840hp health, then another melee hit hits me for 25939hp leaving me with 5,901hp, then I receive a heal that takes me out of risk of dieing. Without the Blood Draining heal I would be left with the following:

29840 - 25939 = 3901

Remember this is the worst possible scenario for Blood Draining. A hit that barely takes me below 35%, still leaves me comfortably above 0hp, noticeable at 5901 which is plenty even if Frost Aura ticked for it's average amount of 3166.

Scenario #2 (aka Blood Draining prevents tank death):
I start with enough health that I get hit, blood draining procs, I get hit again and live with 1hp of close to it.

Starting HP - Avg. Melee Hit + 2000 = HP after first hit
49879 - 25939 + 2000 = 25940

Next hit before an incoming heal leaves me at 1hp
25940 - 25939 = 1

Margin for Blood Draining:
In terms of effectiveness the worst case for Blood Draining is a starting HP of 55,779 and the best case is 49878. That's a health range of 5901hp between the best Blood Draining has to offer and the worst it has to offer.

Including an unfortunate tick from Frost Aura (3166 damage) any health range from 49879 to 53045 is a great scenario for Blood Draining. What are the chances at any given time during the fight would I be in that range and not receive a heal for roughly 2 - 2.5 seconds. I'm assuming the chances aren't that high and practically any heal I would get would be more than 2,000 which would limit the usefulness of Blood Draining by quite a bit more. Even LotP heals for more than 2,000, quite a bit more actually.

Sadly my math skills dwindle greatly from here. I'm not sure how to even start approaching figuring out my average health during a given fight and comparing that to Mongoose's effect.

Someone rescue me..?

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