Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Why I'll always be a druid. (Part 1: Before my druid)

Everyone, even the altaholics, have that one class that just does it for them. Everyone has a reason they play their main and why their main is exactly that. For me it's the druid class, there are just so many amazing things about druids that keep me interested and possibly even more importantly immersed in the game. When I was finally coming to the realization that I wanted my druid to be my main, I stumbled across a very simple and short video that summed up my feelings towards the class and what they meant, and for the most part it still holds true today. I did not create this video, but I applaud the person that did - they definitely get it.

I suggest viewing it at the max resolution, even though it's still not great, and to have the volume on.

We Will Run

Also here is the link to WarcraftMovies, no stream for it anymore, but definitely nice support comments and the authors original intent.

Anyways hopefully that video gives you a better idea of where I'd like to go with these posts.

Before my druid things where much more magical

I haven't always played a druid. When I first started to play WoW I immediately went for the mage class. I didn't even sit at the character creation screen long, I just knew, knew that I wanted to play a big damage magical class, and my brief glance at the character description made Mages (Magi?) seemingly fit the bill quite nicely.

A high school friend of mine introduced me to the game (some friend..). We had been playing counter-strike together for a year or two by this point and we were sick of the cheating and overall just wanted something different I suppose. At first I was strongly opposed to WoW, I knew about the game from people that played CS and everyone knew that those non-FPS gamers weren't 'real' gamers anyways! It's funny how that opinion develops in a game like CS, but not the point of this post..

My friend had started a bit before me with the game before convincing me to give it a try so the first 15 levels or so I was pretty much on my own (like I said - some friend right?). I loved my undead mage, I didn't know what I was doing or how I was doing it, but I seriously loved the class and the spells and the graphics (lol). Coming from Counter-strike 1.6, WoW is actually an upgrade in the graphics department.

Anyways, we started on a random server and then a few friends from work (we both worked at BestBuy at the time) told us about the server they played on, Drak'thul, and so we decided to join them.

I was so sad that I had to start over - I even considered transferring because I thought I had put so much work into my mage already. This just shows how little I knew about the game, I was level 17 or 18 when we started fresh on another server, silly me..

I was almost 60, I think I was around 52-54 when Burning Crusade was released, and by that time I was really starting to get into the game. I played too much, which hasn't changed from now in case you were wondering, and I had no intentions of slowing down. I really enjoyed the Burning Crusade leveling experience, and it felt like the game I was just getting to know just got so much better and more polished. It was exciting times.

I don't want to ramble on much more about my mage raiding history, but suffice to say that I ended up raiding with one of the only guilds on the server to get into Sunwell pre-nerf. Around the same time that we started Sunwell was the time I became incredibly bored with my mage, to the point where I would stand around and spam sheep my target rather than help kill that awful trash in the beginning of the instance. What I at one time absolutely loved was no longer that interesting and sort-of lost it's charm. I had accomplished many things on my mage and didn't know if I wanted to pick another class come WotLK, but that all changed when I finally hit 70 on my druid that I'd been slowly leveling for months.

It wasn't even a sudden change, but my druid just started to grow on me. I tried out healing and actually enjoyed it quite a bit in arenas and the odd dungeon here or there, but my real interests were in tanking, it was like a forbidden thing for my druid, it was so late in the expansion and veteran tanks were so tuned gear wise and experience wise. It wasn't something I really got to experience on my druid in Burning Crusade, but I started out small in Kara and waited until the time was right!

In the next post I'll talk about my first memorable tanking experience in BC and WotLK and how becoming a tank reignited my interest and enjoyment in WoW. And then after that, why I can't just play any tank, why it's a druid that will be my class until I no longer play MMO/RPGs.

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  1. Druids are the best :)

    My druid was the first character I ever made and I will always condsider her my main. Though I'm a healer at heart, I love the druid's ability to perform any role.

    Looking forward to reading the next posts.