Wednesday, July 14, 2010

on Talent Trees, Patience, and Being a Robot

First order of business is the flood of class information released yesterday. Yes I looked over the feral and resto trees, yes I tried a couple different preliminary specs, yes I have a few concerns, no I'm not going to bother worrying about it just yet or lose any sleep.

I will say there are some things missing from the feral tree that just can't go away, namely Improved Leader of the Pack! If it's going to be an ability learned from the trainer to "upgrade" regular LotP once you get to it in the talent tree that's fine, but I just don't want to see it disappear completely. Good bye soloing old content (and new content for that matter, haha).

A couple other things not there but I'm not as worried about either because it was mentioned that it would be included (even if not directly) in the talent tree or because it's clearly obvious Blizzard is going to make quite a few passes before we have something resembling finalized talents:

Omen of Clarity - Already mentioned that Blizzard was well aware this is useful to all druids and will show up somehow.

Primal Fury - No more kitty love..? I do like to DPS occasionally, and getting one combo point regardless of critical hits is going to be incredibly awkward and possibly completely requiring of a new kitty "priority", which I'm not trying to say that's a good or bad will just be very very different.

Blessing of the Grove/Perseverance - They just don't feel right. Maybe Blessing of the Grove should include something for bears, or maybe furor should come over to the feral tree! (where it belongs) The idea for a bear build is to probably get down to Perseverance and this is especially true if Protector of the Pack is gone for good or we don't get some baked in spell damage reduction in bear form.

Nothing more to say about it right I said no reason to get all choked up. Yet!!!??! =P

Second order of business! For the love of Soggoth Blizzard, can I please haz a BETA invite? I promise I'll submit feedback and test things out how they are and are not intended to be tested! Fear not, even though it may seem like it, my patience is not wearing thin just yet, I haven't lost all hope. Make this happen.

And finally, something rather important to me, and something I'm proud to announce! I'm officially a robot.

I love this guild.I've been trialing the past couple of weeks, and I must have done something right because I was promoted to raider rank last night right before pulling heroic Marrowgar.

It really feels good to be back into a legit progression progression guild. I'm looking forward to the rest of this expansion now and hopefully killing Heroic 25 Lich King. As far as plans for Cataclysm, I'm sticking around with this guild, hopefully the core group feels like the benefits of raiding in a 25 man guild outweigh the ease of splitting off to 10 man raids. Time will tell..

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