Thursday, July 1, 2010

I could potentially be a Robot

Berserk fell apart, like a tripping and falling flat on your face kind of falling apart. Long story short, because of attendance (heard that story a million times) and a greedy GM that made a silly decision the guild fell apart rather rapidly and had almost zero chance to pick itself back up and remain together.

When a guild is clearing 11/12 consistently every week, but then not having enough people show up for Lich King attempts people naturally want to recruit more and try to get a serious Monday progression night in. Well obviously only being a couple weeks new in the guild I don't know exactly what happened, but the GM decided instead of telling everyone he didn't want to make any kind of effort into fixing the guilds problems he would rather just disband and move on. Obviously some people were against that, so he ranted one night in gchat that the guild was dead, caused a whole load of people to jump ship, then proceeding to leave himself while taking most everything valuable in the guild bank.

Regardless it doesn't much matter. The people that were left over were only interested in 10 man progression and from a recent past experience, I was sure that wouldn't work out well for me.

So back to the drawing board. Time to hop back into the happiness that is searching/applying for guilds. This far into an expansion it's probably both good and bad to be a tank looking for a decent established guild. It's good for only one reason: people are bored and take breaks/quit. It's bad because most guilds are either further progressed than you and are settled in with the consistent people, or they are like the Berserks of the world that need people and openly recruit, but don't really end up sticking around for very long.

Luckily enough I come to find out GCR (Giant Communist Robots) is looking for a feral druid of the tanking variety, but requires they have a relatively decent off spec kitty gear set. I apply anyway knowing full well that my kitty set was somewhat lacking; however, they agreed to trial me a few weeks ago! I immediately dropped a ton of gold buying BoEs, enchanting, gemming my kitty gear and get it to a respectable level for ICC 25.

Overall my trial experience so far has been great. I've now done every fight (except LK) on heroic in 25 man ICC, and this is definitely a serious guild with skilled people that know how to progress. I've been tanking pretty much non-stop since I joined and haven't even needed to switch to Kitty for anything other than certain phases of fights, in which case I have to stay in tank gear and spec to do some tanking later on. I'm definitely not complaining about that though, I'm loving the challenge of tanking heroic fights with DPS that keeps me competitive and on my toes.

I'm still a trial by the way, so I'm not really a giant robot (at least yet); however, I think I'm doing relatively well in this new environment that I haven't really experienced since pre-nerf Sunwell days in Burning Crusade so hopefully I pass. Time will tell...

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