Friday, July 9, 2010

Heroic Halion 25m Quick Tips

I'm going to debut my awesome paint skills in this post - you've been warned.

Last night marks our second night of hard mode Halion attempts. For a couple of reasons we didn't actually score a kill, but here are a few things that helped me and I'd like to think helped the whole guild while we learned the first two phases of the encounter.

Remember your mileage may vary - this is what worked for us learning the encounter and we have really clean Phase one.

P1 (Physical Realm - 100% to 75%)
  1. Have a Holy Paladin put RF up - it makes the add tanks job (me) much much much easier in P1
  2. DPS the Living Inferno (Big add: 1 spawns every meteor strike) first, allowing the add tank to get respectable aggro on the Living Embers (Small adds: 10 spawn every meteor strike).
  3. All of the raid stack on one side of Halion and once meteor strike is cast, you have 5-6 seconds to run through the middle section of Halion to the other side. This ensures all of the little adds move through the boss as well and group up at or near the Holy paladin spamming heals with RF up.
  4. Tank the Living Inferno close to the front of Halion (3rd tanks job), and the little adds close to the back of Halion (parallel to the hind leg).
  5. Ensure that you have a squeaky clean transition to Phase Two. When the boss is around 77-78% (remember mileage may vary, we have exceptional on demand DPS potential in GCR) stop completely on the boss, burn down both the Living Inferno and the Living Embers, and then push the boss to 75%.
  6. All adds should be dead in Phase One before everyone moves into the twilight realm for Phase Two.
  7. Allow the MT a few seconds to get into the shadow realm, then follow, and group up similar to Phase One on the left side of Halion.
P2 (Twilight Realm - 75% to 50%)
  1. Use Blood Lust/Heroism early (once the MT gives the go ahead), the goal is to get out of this phase as quickly as possible to minimize deaths to the cutters and bad placement of Soul Consumption dispels.
  2. Stay still unless you need to run out Soul Consumption until a few seconds before the cutters are about to start.
  3. Keep the boss dead center in the room at all times.
  4. Right before cutters go off
  5. A few seconds before the cutters start the MT should strafe so he is in one quadrant (Q4 in example below) and the raid is in the one adjacent (Q3 in example below).
  6.      Cutters now!
  7. Always dispel the Shadow Consumptions on the border of the circle.
  8. At 50%, give the Physical realm MT time to take the portal, then follow, and position similar to Phase One.
Phase 3 on heroic is exactly the same as normal, except Halion uses all of the heroic abilities in the realms.

The fight is actually really manageable and we had no real issues getting into Phase Two and even a few attempts saw us in Phase Three, but people getting use to the Twilight Cutters and orienting themselves so they don't kill gibbed while this healing/dispelling/DPSing with just take some practice. I fully expect a early heroic kill next week, as we ran into issues with composition for the rest of the raiding week, so downed in on regular instead.

Okay - now for the real reason I made a post!!!

Decided it was about time to craft one of these suckers, also note my girlfriend debuting as the perfect side car companion!


          1. Ooh leet paint skillz!

            Last night was my first view of the cutters. They were quite frightening.

          2. Hah, see the big "Main Tank" circle? That's you! Know why? Because you are a big fat bear tank!